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EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT - MAN CARD by Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby

Today we're celebrating Man Card's release!! And thanks to Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby, I can share with y'all a little excerpt of this fantastic book!. Take a look!!

Name your other favorite movies,” I challenge Braht.
All of them?” He chugs his margarita.
Hmm. Top ten? Top five?”
That’s totally easy,” he says. Somehow I’ve gotten closer to him on the floor. When he sits back, I actually snuggle in beside him. He’s wearing a ridiculously soft shirt that feels good against my skin. And I watch with fascination as he ticks off the names of films on his fingers. When Harry Met Sally. The Devil Wears Prada. Roman Holiday. Clueless. And Working Girl.”
I burst out laughing. I can’t help it. Those are all chick flicks. You should just hand over your man card right now.”
Not a chance.” Braht’s expression grows intense. In the first place, I gave you a very thorough demonstration of my man card last week. I don’t remember hearing any complaints.”
I swallow hard, because this is certainly true.
And secondly, you’re looking at this all backward.”
I…am?” And why can’t I look away? He has the most beautiful, intelligent eyes.
Yeah, you are,” he whispers. It’s the guy who has a firm grip on his man card that can hold your purse. He’s not afraid to be seen with that Tory Burch you like to carry—nice color, by the way. He’ll free up your hands because he likes your hands, and he remembers all the terrific things you can use them for.”
Oh,” I say slowly. Now my fingers itch to reach out for him. I have to make fists with both hands so I won’t do it.
Furthermore, he’s not afraid to quote Working Girl. Because Joan Cusack is a genius. And who wouldn’t want to say Melanie Griffith’s best line out loud?”
I can’t help saying it with him, and together we sound like the world’s horniest Greek chorus: I have a head for business and a body for sin.”
Sin sounds pretty good right now, actually. But Braht’s not done with his speech. Any man who tells you that chick flicks are for pussies can’t be any good in bed. Because that man does not speak the language of women. He doesn’t know that a little luxury can erase a shitty day of worrying about your ex…”
Braht takes my hand in his and begins to massage it. He has a great technique, applying gentle pressure between each joint. I relax just a little bit more against him.
“…That man doesn’t speak the language because he’s afraid of sounding like a girl. But fuck that noise, honey bear. If a man doesn’t have the vocabulary to describe a satin teddy with peekaboo lace and mother-of-pearl snaps at the crotch, he can’t buy it for you and then strategically ask you to wear it. He can’t plan ahead to blow your mind sometime by lifting your skirt somewhere semi-public and dangerous. And he can’t get down on his knees and kiss that lace and then pop open those snaps while you bite your own hand to keep from screaming when you climax.” Braht takes a deep breath and lets it out in one hot gust. Fuck. What was the point of this speech?”
“Um…” My voice is hoarse, and my face is suddenly very hot. Let’s not even mention my nipples. Man cards, I think.” But I’m not sure, because everything tingles.
Right,” he says with a sigh. Still got mine. Shall we watch Working Girl next?”
Okay,” I breathe, sinking a little further into his comforting embrace.

* * *

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#CoverReveal Heartbreak for Hire by Tabatha Vargo and Melissa Andrea

Heartbreak for Hire
Tabatha Vargo & Melissa Andrea 

Leticia Hassar  
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Contemporary Romance

I turn trusted housewives into adulterous whores.

Let’s face it, nothing lasts forever. She may have started out as your wet dream, but now she’s your ball and chain. Let me set you free.

I’ll turn your loyal lady into a lecherous liar.

I can give you the uncontested divorce you desire, end your impending engagement, or rid you of that clingy girlfriend.

Either way, you’ll be a free man.

My name is Rift, and men pay me to have affairs with their women. It’s my job to get caught. While unethical, my profession is easy. Hell, most days it’s fun. At least until I fall for the soon-to-be ex of my newest client.

Barne&Noble: http://bit.ly/2jgeVt6

To celebrate the upcoming Cover Reveal and Release of Heartbreak For Hire, Tabatha and Melissa are giving away a $10 Amazon gift card!

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Tabatha Vargo

Tabatha is a New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author, best known for her sexy adult romance Little Black Book.

Tabatha writes in all genres, including adult and new adult, and isn't afraid to venture into the dark side on occasion, as she proved with her dark, prison romance, Slammer.

She's an avid reader of all things smutty and the writer of sexy stories featuring redeemable alpha bad boys and sweet, strong women.

Her other loves include her children, her loving, supportive husband, anything historical, and wind chimes.

When she isn't writing, she's texting book ideas to herself.

Tabatha is represented by Jane Dystel of Dystel & Goderich Literary Management.

Check out Tabatha's blog: www.tabathavargo.blogspot.com

Melissa Andrea

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Hey y'all! The most anticipated follow up in the By the Bay series by Stina Lindenblatt is finally here!

Do you remember Travis from Decidedly with Baby? He was friend with Josh and had a brief appearance in that book. Well, now it's time for us to know his story.

Fake boyfriend Rule #1: never fall for your fake girlfriend.


Emma Lovejoy runs Aphrodite’s Boutique, a store that specializes in all things love-related. A store that she adores with all her heart, and which is at risk of being shut down and replaced with a condo development.

Playboy Travis Hamilton was raised by his feisty, well-meaning grandmother, who is determined to help her grandson find The One. But when most women he meets tend to be puck bunnies or women only interested in his hockey-player income—and let’s not forget the nutcase of an ex-girlfriend—why bother?

Travis realizes only a fake girlfriend will deter his grandmother’s matchmaking scheme. Too bad the one woman who can help him is the sexy redhead who wants to assist him as much as she wants her eyeballs to be dunked in hot sauce and barbecued. To convince her, he promises to help her with her own dilemma. But sometimes fire and ice really do mix. Now Travis has to decide if love is in the air—and if together he and Emma make something hotter. Something stronger. Something real.

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Let's start talking about Emma. 

She's the owner of a popular boutique specialized in romance. Emma dreams about finding love someday, someone who makes her feel special and loved, and who never give up on her. Her story isn't a fairy tale. Her parents abandoned her when she was a kid, and she grew up in surrogate homes where food and care was scarse, and love was even scarser. 

But she doesn't let her past dictate her future. It's coincidence that her track record in dating and relationships isn't precisely the best. At least that's what she thinks.

And then we have Travis Hamilton...

Travis is a playboy. He loves his life as a bachelor, focused on his career as a hockey player and enjoying the perks it offers. But his grandma wants him to settle down, to find a woman and make a family. He doesn't agree with her, but Travis wants to make her happy, so he makes a plan: to find a fake girlfriend to ease his grandma's mind. 

But what he wasn't expecting was for his charade to become something real. 

The chemistry between Travis and Emma was amazing. They had a shared past, even if Travis didn't remember, and in certain way that past defines the beginning of their fake relationship. A lie and a deal, Emma's fear and Travis desperation to make Granny happy... it was a recipe for disaster. But what a fun ride!

I loved Travis Grandma, and her friends. Every time those troublemakers were in a scene a laughed out loud. They were simply hilarious.

I also enjoyed how the author added the previous couples in the story, and introduced some new characters (whose stories I hope to met soon), making this book something more than just a love story, it was a friendship and family, about dreams and desires, about seeing the bright side always, but also about never giving up on love. 

I laughed with this book, but also cried a lot. Emma's past was so heartbreaking that I couldn't help it. Travis past wasn't easy either, even though he had his granny. In certain way their happy ending was sweeter because of their circunstances. And I have to say thank you to the author for making those characters this way. They had their flaws, but they learnt to mend their mistakes and gave a chance to the love. Their support system (friends and family) was described so detailed It was impossible not to think about my own friends and family and how similar they were to these fictional characters (protective and fierce, loyal and funny), and I think any reader could feel related with that. 

This is a book that I highly recommend. It can be read as standalone, but for a better enjoyment of the experience you should try also Decidedly off limits and Decidedly with baby


Buy your copy!

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About the author:

Stina Lindenblatt lives in Western Canada, where she loves to dream up New Adult and Young Adult stories, especially those with romance. She loves to travel, and has lived in England, the US, Canada, and Finland. She has a Master’s of Science degree in exercise physiology and has worked with elite athletes. In her free time, Stina enjoys photography, especially the close-up variety

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#CoverReveal WILDCALT (Maverick Series #1) by Max Monroe

Release Date: January 30th, 2018

Wildcat: a football formation in which the ball is snapped, not to the quarterback, but to another player lined up in the quarterback position.

Wild, Cat: a beautiful woman from the sky, who hooked me against the rails, and has me on the ropes. Sweet like honey, with a hint of sass burning behind her pretty brown eyes, she took over my heart without warning.

I’m Quinn Bailey, quarterback for the New York Mavericks.
Sports analysts predicted I’d break records and take my team all the way.
But no one predicted this.
And just like the other team, I never saw it coming.

Things this book is:
  • Romantic Comedy
  • #1 in the Mavericks Tackle Love Series
  • Can be read as a complete standalone.
Things it isn’t:
  • Paranormal: The only thing magical is inside Quinn Bailey’s pants.
  • Boring: Pssh, please. Max Monroe doesn’t do boring.
  • Short: Prior to reading, prepare yourself for one huge, long, thick…book.

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ARC REVIEW - MAN CARD by Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby

Hey y'all! If you're looking for a new read, then pay attention to this post 'cause I promise you, this book is all you were needing (even if you didn't knew it).

Do you remember Man Hands? The first collaboration between Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby? Well, this fantastic duo is back with more mischief and fun, and of course, with a Man Card.

A sexy new stand-alone comedy.

I still don’t know how it happened. One minute I was arguing with my arrogant competitor—our usual trash-talk over who deserves the larger commission. But somehow I went from throwing down to kneeling down... 
It can never happen again. I don’t even like Braht. He's too slick. He's a manipulating mansplaining party boy in preppy clothes.
So why can't I get him out of my head? 

There are two things I know without question. One: Ash and I are destined for each other. Two: never trust a man with a unibrow.
Ash is my missing my piece. She’s the sweet cream to my gourmet espresso. And nothing gets me going faster than her contempt for me. They don't call her the Ashkicker for nothing. 
Eventually I’ll win her over…if my past doesn’t ruin everything first.

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Let's start talking about Braht...

He was such a surprise. I don't remember reading a hero like him before. While reading Man Hands I had a glance at his particular personality, but nothing could prepare me for this experience. Braht isn't the typical Macho-man who's fixing things with his hands, covered on dust or grease. I think is the first time I read about the male character getting his nails done or a facial, and it was refreshing (and funny). 

I mean, a man isn't lest man because he takes care of his appareance, or for enjoying chick flicks.

His attraction for Ash was something funny at the beginning. You know, this handsome man messing with the girl who hates his guts, always pushing her buttons and making her snap... it was amusing. But then it wasn't just fun, it was something more. Cute and romantic, and special. And, oh boy I falled in love inmediatly. 

This character has some interesting lines in this book referring to "manhood" and how to treat a woman, but also about love, friends and family, and how important are those things for you to make whatever it takes to keep them safe. But Braht isn't a serious man, he's a joker so he also has some epic moments (and dialogues) that will make you laught out loud.

Ash is the woman capable to Braht him to his knees. She's all he ever dreamt. She's a strong woman, smart and sassy, and she isn't afraid to take what she wants when she wants it. But Ash has a secret, and messing around with Braht isn't something she doesn't need right now. Or ever. But her body and her brain seems to be in a constant battle when he's around. Her logic part knows Braht is the last thing she needs in her life, but the sex with him was so good that she's having a hard time keeping it out of his mind. 

A lie is all it takes to turn Braht in her 'partner in crime' for the weekend. And then a 'moment of weakness' changed the things between them. Even though, it wasn't anything weak about the way Braht tried to show her how perfect they were together. What none of them was expecting was for Ash's past to resurface. 

One thing I learnt from Braht: Never trust someone with a unibrow, lol (You have to read to understand why). Even though is a Romantic Comedy, this book is also peppered with a little suspense, and I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Man Card was EPIC! There's no words to describe how much fun I had while reading it, and how much I loved it. Sarina and Tanya's work is flawless in this book, from the way they introduced the characters to the very end. The development of the story is rich and complex, but light and sweet, and romantic to the bone. 

Now I'm waiting for these authors to announce they will work in Sadie's book. Like soon. No pressure, though.

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