12 de julio de 2017

#REVIEW @YaGirlGabriana by Gabriella Ana Castro de la Vega

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A few weeks ago I was contacted by someone who asked me to give a try to a new author. At the time I was packed with books to be read and personal stuff, but I said 'why the hell not?' and I acepted to read the book. 

I didn't knew the person who wrote, neither the author, but the title and the synopsis were pretty attractive to me. Why, maybe you're wondering. Well, that's because the story was about a latina girl having a bad time in the Romance department and giving a try to Online Dating services. Too close to home, some may say.

Today is available for free on Amazon, btw.
(check the link to verify)

Gabriana is a mostly traditional Latina working as an accountant in Miami, Florida. Overbearing mother ready for grand-babies? Check. Hails from too far south to be a Southern belle, more like a Taco Belle? Check. Stunning face and more junk in the trunk than a hoarder? Double Check. 

That irresistible Latina fire and spice? Nada. Zero. 

Recently introduced to the elusiveness of online dating and contemplating a new promotion that would require constant travel, Gabriana realizes that if everyone else in the world can seem to find love then maybe that’s exactly who she should be... everyone else.

* * *

I felt pretty connected with Gabriana being a latina girl myself. Her family is like mine, utterly catolic and playing matchmaker all the time. Sometimes is funny, sometimes isn't, but that's life. 

In some ways her job is similar to mine too. I feel passionate about it, but it's demanding and it left no time for romance. My mom doesn't apreciate this in the least, btw. The same way Gabriana's mom doesn't. I laught out loud when I read about the flying chancleta. It was frigging hilarious.

This short story wasn't funny, it was hilarious. It was full of sabor latino, pop culture references, friendship, family love and expectations about life, work and romance. In the few pages that it has, the author traps you and makes you an accomplice of the protagonist. Read Gabriana misadventures is like talking with your best friend. That's the vibe you have reading this book, and I loved that.

Gabriana's best friend suggest het to sign up in an online dating service after she received a promotion in her job that will have her traveling across the country. This was a providential chance to become a better Gabriana. A fake, but better version of herself. Who knows, maybe this alter ego helps her to find herself. 

The first try of Gabriana in the Dating site was, in fact, pretty awesome. The message's exchange was cool, the actual date was hilarious and the aftermath was even funnier. Some lies came back to bite you in the ass, Gabriana.

I have to admit I had no expectations about the book, but I'm impresed by how fresh and funny is the author's writing style, how charismatic the characters are and how fun the story is. I'm intrigued about Gabriana's next work destination. Also can't wait for the next installment of this story.

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